Meet Spokespebble

a draw of a happy stone with a red dialog balloon saying Hey There!

Spokespebble is a nature-loving hunk of million-year-old sedimentary rock who is young at heart and always on the go. As the official voice (and adorable face) of the Respect. Connect. Protect. campaign, Spokespebble is your guide to planning ahead, staying safe, and being awesome whenever you visit National Conservation Lands and all public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

  • Favorite food: Rock candy.
  • Favorite movie: The Rock.
  • Favorite genre of comedy: Rock puns.
  • Favorite music: Smooth jazz. (Psych. It’s rock music.)
a draw of a happy stone with a red dialog balloon saying Hey There!


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How To

Click the icons below to learn how you can RESPECT the awesome power of nature, CONNECT with the historic splendor of the land, and PROTECT the beauty of our outdoor spaces for future generations.

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 It’s just you and the great outdoors so be prepared for nature’s unpredictability.

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Understand and become part of the ongoing story of the land.

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Be more than a tourist - be a caretaker helping to keep the land clean, in good health, and accessible.

Join The Spokespebble Squad!

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    Join the squad that’s helping Spokespebble show all of us how be the best stewards and caretakers - “stewtakers” - we can be when visiting National Conservation Lands!